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    Let's rethink how we give

    Giverr rethinks how we support the causes we love by leveraging micro-donations and reating a new culture of giving.

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    Every little bit counts.

    With Giverr, supporting the causes you love becomes a part of your everyday life. Through our simple app, easily make micro-donations to the organizations you love.

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    Create the change you want!

    When you donate through Giverr, your support is amplified. Give a little and collectively, we will have a big impact.

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How Giverr Works

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Giverr for Organizations

Engage new audiences, leverage small donations.

Giverr opens up a huge new audience of people and gives them a better way to support you. With our service, you reach more donors while engaging and interacting with them in a better and easier way. Our simple back end system for organizations allows you to launch campaigns, manage donations, and interact with donors. You can let users know who they're helping, keep them engaged and spread your work to a bigger audience.

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FAQ - About Giverr

Of course, we have certain costs to keep Giverr running and supporting the causes we love. To meet these costs, we take 9.5% of donations.
If the organization you want to donate to isn't on our list, get in touch! We're happy to add verified nonprofits to our platform.
At Giverr, we want to make sure that the organizations we support on our platform are reputable. Every organization on Giverr has been verified by us as a legitimate nonprofit. We do this in various ways, including tax records and statuses, research, and correspondence with organization leadership.
At the end of each month, we pool the donations for each organization and send them in one chunk.
We think it's a great idea to share the donations you've made, no matter how small. To foster a new community of giving, we suggest using our social media features to spread the word about your good deed and this movement.

FAQ - Payments and Help

When you download the app, you'll be asked to enter a payment method. If you didn’t add one then, you can do so in the settings section of the app.
No, all donations are final.
You can technically make donations without a payment method but they will not go through until you make a payment.
Absolutely. It works in exactly the same way as donating to a nonprofit in person.
Yes. Security is very important to us. We use Stripe and is full PCI compliant to make sure that your personal information is secure. We do not store your information our servers.

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